Zomee Z1 – Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump

Promotes healthy breastfeeding to fit your lifestyle


Powerful and quiet, in a compact design.

The Z1 has it all. Discover how our newest breast pump is designed with features to keep you pumping smarter.

This product includes:

  • One (1) Zomee Z1 Double Electric Pump Motor
  • Two (2) Zomee Breast Shield Kits which includes:
    • Two (2) 140ml Zomee Storage Bottles with Lids/Disc
    • Two (2) Zomee Bottle Stands
    • Two (2) Zomee Duckbill Valves
    • Two (2) Pump Body/Flanges
    • Two (2) Standard Neck Adapters
    • Two (2) Zomee Diaphragms
    • Two (2) Zomee Diaphragm Caps
    • Two (2) Size 24mm Zomee Flex Breast Shields
    • Two (2) 28mm Zomee Flex Breast Shields
    • Two (2) 11” Zomee Tubes
  • One (1) 22” Zomee Tube
  • Two (2) Silicone Sealant
  • Six (6) Zomee Tube Adapters
  • One (1) Zomee Dockswitch
  • One (1) Zomee Z1 USB Charging Cable and AC Adapter


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