Military Moms: Everything You Need To Know

Pregnancy is an exciting time. A baby is coming, and they’re so cute and adorable. You’ll want to get ready for your baby. There are so many cute clothes to buy, a nursery to prepare, toys and books that teach and delight, and so on and so forth. Every parent faces their own challenges during and after […]

When Does Your Belly Pop Out in Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body will go through so many changes. One of the most obvious changes is that your belly will begin to pop out. Some pregnant women look forward to showing off their beautiful baby bumps, but other mothers may feel uncomfortable with this change.  Sometimes it helps to mentally prepare for the growth […]

How To Prep for Breastfeeding: 7 Tips

You are having a baby — congratulations! Some say that there is no better experience than bringing a new life into the world, despite how difficult and tiring it can be at times.  Your life is about to be flipped upside down in the best way possible. In no time, you will be bringing home […]

Six Tips on How To Use an Electric Breast Pump

For new parents, there are quite a few learning curves. You’ll need to learn about your baby’s signals, learn how to feed them and figure out the best ways to care for them. Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding, you’ll probably encounter some difficulties. After all, it’s your baby’s first time eating too, so there […]

How To Use a TENS Unit for Lower Back Pain

Becoming a mama means being blessed with many things: constant snuggles from your little one, a new source of fulfillment in life, and…. back pain?  Lower back pain might not have been on your new-mom bingo sheet, but unfortunately, it’s an all too common symptom of going through pregnancy (and adulthood in general). Back pain can […]

How Long Does It Take for Stretch Marks To Fade?

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest blessings; there’s nothing quite like looking down into your little one’s eyes and promising to love them forever. That being said, there are some parts of being pregnant and creating this precious baby that is completely normal yet can be quite frustrating at times.  Pregnancy comes with all sorts […]

When Can Babies Have Yogurt?

The first year of parenting is full of milestones: The first time your baby sleeps through the night, the first time they crawl, and the first time they sit up can all be exciting moments in this new chapter of your life. Beginning to feed your little one foods other than infant formula is also […]

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